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In harmony
with the environment

We adhere
to the highest standards

Corporate responsibility and a commitment to long-term sustainability are considered significant components of our business. Our company is guided by the values of the WOOD & Company group, which include not only the economic health and prosperity of the company but also sustainable development.

Marek Herold

Portfolio Manager


Energy, water and waste sustainability
Our own renewable resources


Supporting charity, social and sports events
A reliable partner – relations with stakeholders
Promoting healthy lifestyle


In line with EU taxonomy
Ethics & values, integrity, transparency
Experienced management

Principles of sustainable approach

We consider the incorporation of ESG factors, data collection, their careful monitoring, thorough evaluation, and systematic reporting, along with subsequent optimization of building operations and reduction of energy and water consumption, as well as waste production reduction, to be a continuous long-term process. We believe we are capable of fostering beneficial trends in management and governance as well.

In line with EU taxonomy

Long-term decarbonisation



Green solutions

Greenery, Environment, Energy
A number of innovative solutions have earned the building one of the highest accolades for environmental responsibility – LEED Gold certification awarded by the international organization US Green Building Council.
Private community garden

For individuals and corporate activities

Green roof and greenery
surrounding the building

Park landscaping around
the building.

Clean air

2 floors on the south side
of the building

Efficient energy management

Smart building management
system MaR – Sauter

Charging stations and parking
spaces for electric cars

Modern sensor and air extraction
system in garages

Sound insulation of the façade
Openable windows

On the south side of the building

PV panels

Reducing our carbon footprint

5 beehives on the roof of the building

We bottle our own honey twice a year

Tenant care

Property Manager personally available to
tenants in the building, rich community

Bike parking with comprehensive
facilities for cyclists

ESG is about

We engage in constructive and focused dialogue with our tenants and the companies that work with us to manage our properties.
Together we are working to develop a sustainable approach that respects ESG objectives, recognising that this will be a long-term process of gradually defining and implementing steps that build on evolving legislation.

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WOOD Real Estate manages the real estate activities of the renowned Central European financial and investment group WOOD & Company, founded in 1991.
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